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We are a T1 certified AMSOIL Dealer. What does that mean? It means we have expert knowledge of AMSOIL products.

Why AMSOIL over the competition? Simply put, AMSOIL is the best synthetic motor oil you can buy and happens to be the first in synthetics. Don't take our word for it though check out these statistics where AMSOIL beat the competition in high temperature viscosity stability, gear wear, oxidation stability, volatility, and more!

Hands down, you can't put anything better in your vehicle. Did I mention fuel economy? Gas prices got you down? Run AMSOIL products in your vehicles and watch your MPGs go up 2 MPGs or 5%-8% while engine wear goes down. Increase mileage between oil changes and save money on gas, oil change frequency, and engine maintenance costs. Hauling a heavy load, engine under stress? No problem for AMSOIL, save wear and tear on your motor.

The Quality and Value of AMSOIL Products

When evaluating the cost of AMSOIL one must consider the overall savings in fuel and vehicle maintenance costs. Why bleed yourself out and nickel and dime your vehicle spending more money in fuel costs, engine, and transmission repairs in the long run by using low quality oil products? Put AMSOIL quality in your car, truck, or motorcycle and realize savings month to month, year to year. Extend the life of your investment and enjoy a better running, more fuel efficient peace of mind. Our customers have said simply, "It just runs better!"

Did I mention AMSOIL is 100% American Made Oil? Well it is. Keep jobs in America and proudly run American Oil, AMSOIL in your vehicles! Visit the
AMSOIL Store link below and check out all AMSOIL products!

High Performance Oil
  AMSOIL uses a high quality synthetic base with a superior high zinc package which exceeds the needs of your classic or vintage car including street rods and high mileage vehicles.

AMSOIL Premium oil for vintage and classic cars resists oxidation, neutralizes acids, inhibits corrosion and reduces mechanical wear.

AMSOIL products resist viscosity shear and are formulated with a heavy treatment of zinc for excellent protection of gears, bearings, cam lobes and high pressure components to extend vintage engine and transmission life. Visit the
Classic Cars High Zinc link below to check out AMSOIL products for your classic, vintage, or street rod vehicle Today!
Motorcycle Oil
  AMSOIL Premium synthetic fleet and trucking products maximize fuel economy and extend engine drain intervals in ultra-low emission diesel engines.

AMSOIL diesel oil products exceed emission system requirements and provide superior protection while extending drain intervals up to 3 times the OEM recommended drain interval. Due to our advanced synthetic technology our customers realize savings in fuel costs with AMSOIL 5W-40 diesel oil which adds up over the long haul. The Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Federal Test Procedure confirms these facts. Visit the
Fleet Products link below to start realizing fuel savings with AMSOIL products Today!

Your Own Business
  Need an extra income stream in today's failing economy? Join AMSOIL as a preferred customer with the advantage of wholesale prices on your next purchase or become a full blown independent business owner and AMSOIL dealer realizing maximum profits from a substantially growing American Company even in today's economy. Call Sam Trout today at 717-697-1007 to find out more about becoming a PC or Dealer! Or Click on the Contact Us link here.
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Sam Trout - Independent AMSOIL Dealer ZO# 509608 | (717) 697-1007 |